Other recent sightings

We’ve had a cardinal family dropping by every morning. The male is very bold, coming close to the house and waiting for me to toss out some sunflower seeds. Then the female and the young male join him. I’m glad to see them raising an actual cardinal for their second round; they started the summer by raising a cowbird.

The other day I was home in the middle of the day and was surprised to see an adult rabbit in the yard. This was the first rabbit we’ve seen all year.

From time to time the female hummingbird has come back to visit the butterfly bush. I’m realizing we don’t have very many suitable flowers for her right now. I’ll try to do better next year.

Earlier this week I spotted two Northern Flickers facing each other in the middle of the lawn. From time to time they moved their heads from side to side and pointed their beaks upward. I gather this is called a “fencing duel” (Cornell’s All About Birds site has a good description)┬ábut this seems to be the wrong time of year.