Bees etc. again

Today worked up to being  hot compared to the week so far, and I was hoping to see more bees and other insects.  I was pleased to see a sweat bee on the azalea again. Below is a highly enlarged shot of a sweat bee on the anther of an azalea flower, as previously described. I was determined to get some sort of record. Nearby, on the top twig of the largest butterfly bush, I was surprised to see a dragonfly, also shown below. We get them occasionally, but we are perhaps a third of a mile from any stream.
Not photographed but also seen:

  • One of the small skipper butterflies perched on the lawn, a yellow-orange one with a lighter area towards the middle of the wing but no distinct makings visible. This is the first skipper I’ve seen this year.
  • Another visit from (probably) a clouded sulpher.
  • Two bee flies (I think), one grappling with a bee (honey bee sized, but I couldn’t be sure of the identification).
  • A low flying stocky yellow insect with black markings flying near the soil in a flower bed. Was it a wasp–perhaps a cicada killer–or something else?

It seems to me that there is not much out there that attracts bees right now. Maybe there is something I could plant that would be blooming right now.


Sweat bee on azalea




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