More sightings, and a theft

Slowed down by a cold, I’ve ventured out just to stand in the sun a bit. That’s when I noticed the broken robin’s egg on the walk near the back steps. And I’m left with a puzzle: how did it get there?  It was lying in an open area with no overhanging branches, a good 30 feet from the forsythia where I’ve seen robins nesting. Obviously it didn’t simply fall out of a nest. Who carried it there and dropped it? I’ve heard that crows sometimes eat the eggs of smaller birds, so that might be a possibility. But  how far could a crow carry an egg in its beak?  Or is there other nest-robbing wildlife perhaps at night? At different times over the years I’ve seen a rat, a possum, and once, in a nearby yard, a fox.

I was happy to be distracted by a butterfly–one of the sulphurs, the first I’ve seen this year. Possibly the Clouded Sulphur, but I’m not certain. Clover is one of its larval food plants, so it should be happy with our lawn!

Another interesting moment was provided by a tiny green bee on the deciduous azalea, which has just started to bloom. So many representations of bees in action show them deep in the throat of a flower. This one, however, was out on the end of the anther, and as far as I could tell was diligently gathering pollen.  I had never seen this before so will watch for it again.



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