Birds and bugs

Spring has definitely arrived here in Maryland. It’s not just that we have the usual blooms: later crocuses, earlier daffodils, forsythia, and the star magnolia showing off. The whole web of life is becoming visible  again. The bird population, of course, has been undergoing its seasonal shift: fewer and fewer juncos, more and more robins, and today a flicker vocalizing from atop a satellite dish. But the smaller critters are showing up too. Today I spotted a tiny spider in the deutzia, with an irregular web of crisscrossing threads containing two tiny fly-like insects of some sort, rather like fruit flies. And in the midday sun I could see other insects flying around the star magnolia. Were they tiny bees? Another small fly? They were too small and quick for me to see them clearly.

The star magnolia was planted in April 2012, in a calm stretch between some difficult times. Its blooms, glowing with the sunlight coming through them, remind me to rest in those moments when they are here.


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